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If You Build IT Podcast

Mar 27, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about their impending vacation. Kyle says he will wear makeup if they hit 100k downloads. Mikey keeps telling inappropriate jokes. And Ed explains how everyone at work is only nice to him because he is the boss.


Full Show Notes:


In the first segment, Mikey describes what he learned and built while in the shop with his mentor. In addition, he got to tour a tool company that he will be partnering with and he announces his next phase for YouTube. Kyle talks about how he and his crew have been pounding out some smaller jobs. He lets us know what he looks for in an employee and he is excited that another person who fits the bill is now working with him. Ed discusses his work environment and what can get on his nerves. He also asks Kyle if size matters when it comes to ease of workflow. Kyle reveals upcoming trips and partnerships.

In the main segment, the guys share their thoughts regarding vacations. Since Mikey already mentioned where he was going last week, Ed andy Kyle disclose where they are going and they discuss some of their plans while they are gone. Kyle admits that he will still be doing some work while he has some downtime but is looking forward to relaxing. Ed agrees with Kyle and points out the trade offs of being an entrepreneur versus working for someone else. Mikey gives a little more information on where he will be going. They continue to propose podcast merchandise and what they will do once they reach 100,000 downloads.

In the final segment, Ed plays with his toy and talks about a visit from his sister. Mikey used his travel time for work to walk down memory lane. Kyle and his son were helping his dad with his house and his family has a new addition.