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If You Build IT Podcast

Apr 24, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about giving and getting free tools and money on social media. Mikey has been sleeping on the couch since his wife moved out and took the dogs. Ed finally tells us what he does at work. And Kyle is building big barns still.

Full Show Notes:

In Episode 14, Mikey, Ed, and Kyle discuss sponsorships from three different perspectives: A full time builder, a newer tool user, and a tool vendor.

In the first segment, Mikey admits that he has been putting projects on hold so he can check items off of his to-do list. He also gives examples of a couple of ways that he saves time and energy. Ed expands on what his workday is like and how his project-sharing site has been exceeding his expectations. Kyle shares his goals for his next project and has high hopes for the weather. They all give their opinion on weather apps.

In the main segment, Ed asks Kyle about the first tool he received through a sponsor. Kyle explains why he is not a tool reviewer and how he responds to every company asking to send him items. Mikey details his first non-tool sponsorship and then surprises both Ed and Kyle when he reveals the first tool he received because of his social media presence. They consider options on what to do when they receive tools or products that are not the quality that they expect. Ed, as a product creator, describes why his company has offered free products and the importance of communication between vendors and recipients. They point out why being honest with the community portrays integrity. Ed describes what he looks for when someone requests a free tool and Kyle  gives his explanation why there is nothing wrong with getting paid by a sponsor to promote tools.

In the final segment, Ed hasn’t done anything too exciting, Mikey describes an afternoon occurrence at work, and Kyle and his wife made a decision to sell something that has memories attached. Mikey gives a challenge to each of them for the next episode and reads a review from their podcast page on iTunes.