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If You Build IT Podcast

May 15, 2018

In this episode the guys minus Ed catch up on a crazy couple of weeks. Kyle and Mikey get to talk about Ed in his absence. And they read some of the best reviews of the week.


Mikey shares that he hasn’t been in the shop because he has been getting his house ready to go on the market. He gives us the reason why he prefers to post current content on Instagram and how his partnership with a tool company is helping them grow. They both agree on how important brand ambassadors and content creators are for companies wanting to have an online presence, such as in Ed’s case.

Kyle updates us on his current project and a symposium he attended recently. He talks about how he balances posting on social media and being present at events. They both discuss the pros and cons of different drones and how certain media files allow more post-processing options. Kyle explains how ordering materials and build-time is affecting future projects and bids.

Mikey tells us who came to visit him while they were in town and how he is figuring out how to move his tools to his new shop. Kyle reveals what projects he and his brother have been working on and how his parent’s house project is moving forward.

They both discuss niche tools and how competition between the bigger tool brands differs from smaller tool brands when it comes to secrecy with their production and products.

In the final segment, Mikey reads a few reviews from iTunes. Kyle informs us that the podcast was nominated for the Best Construction Podcast of 2018 and encourages listeners to vote for the If You Build IT Podcast. They both encourage listeners to add a review to iTunes. Mikey admits his pet peeves when it comes to movie theaters and Kyle got to go camping with his son’s Boy Scout troop.