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If You Build IT Podcast

May 22, 2018

In this episode the guys discuss burn out and how to overcome it. Ed is nowhere to be found so the guys put his face on a milk carton. Kyle and Mikey share a moment in Ed's absence that will make their wives wonder.

In the first segment, Mikey reveals how selling his house and his upcoming move has prevented him from being in the shop and posting in Instagram. Mikey mentions some upcoming trips he will be taking for work. Kyle describes how social media presence impacted the presenter at a meetup. He explains how some projects have setbacks and certain decisions need to be made to maintain workflow despite delays.

In the main segment, they discuss stress and burnout and ways to manage them. Kyle describes the frequency and timing of his burnouts and how he takes time to step away from work. He offers encouragement to push through those walls because of what is on the other side. Mikey goes more into depth on why he is struggling with burnout and one of the ways he has found that helps.

They change the direction of the conversation to a social media trends. Kyle shouts out to a YouTuber that Mikey suggested in Episode 3. Mikey explains how Instagram uses algorithms to eliminate fake accounts.

In the last segment, Kyle reveals what he did for his wife for Mother’s Day. Mikey gives a recommendation for a movie he recently watched and they both list their doppelgangers. Mikey has been watching a magician on YouTube and recalls his special guest at his housewarming party when he moved into this current home. Kyle confirms he has a customized product coming, but computer problems has it tied up in transit. Kyle reads the review of the week from iTunes and Mikey reminds listeners that voting is still open for the Best Construction Podcast of 2018. Kyle shares his YouTube posting schedule and urges someone to buy Mikey’s house.