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If You Build IT Podcast

May 29, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about their biggest mistakes and how they learn from them. Kyle and Mikey found Ed and he rejoins the group.


In the first segment, Mikey shares where he has been traveling for work. He also details a fun fact about a big client he has been working with. Kyle updates us on his current projects and how bids have changed now that he has a presence on social media. Ed reveals where he was traveling while he was gone and lets the guys know the feedback he received while in San Francisco.

In the main segment, they discuss the purpose of mistakes and what lessons can be learned from them. Ed illustrates how an early mistake in design helped shape the future of his business. While debating the different types of mistakes, Kyle describes workplace mistakes and why he would rather make them. They all agree that some tasks are better to do themselves to keep motivation high rather than to cause frustration. Mikey explains how he has viewed mistakes his whole life and how it shaped his career—which involves problem solving every day. He also admits that, because of this topic, he is rethinking his thought process regarding mistakes. The subject of self-recognition is also considered and how experience (and kids) has helped change how they react to mistakes.


In the last segment, Mikey reads the review of the week and he and Ed discuss a company with an interesting culture. Ed tells us what he has been doing around the house to get ready for summer. Mikey mentions a show he has been watching and his wife gets a new nickname. Kyle lets us know what is he finds most relaxing and how he has been enjoying his new editing schedule.