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If You Build IT Podcast

Jun 12, 2018

In this episode the guys discuss boring tasks and if they enjoy them. Mikey records his audio with a potato while Ed is a film director. And Kyle buys another motor home or something.

In the first segment, Ed lets us know what he did while on his trip to Texas and who (Ed and Vince) he was interviewing. He explains how the Spotlight Series is produced and if he would ever do episodes on the partners of Carbide 3D. Kyle clarifies why he likes to do as much as he can on a project even though he is waiting for a shipment. Mikey finished a couple of projects—one with his mentor and one for a family member. He also reveals what he will be using to move down to Texas and an upcoming milestone.

In the main segment, they all agree on how mundane tasks are necessary for progress. Mikey asks Ed and Kyle if they enjoy them or dread them. Kyle explains how those types of tasks are enjoyable and relaxing because they are second nature. He also points out how he uses that time to think creatively. Mikey admits that he struggles with those types of tasks. Ed also finds the repetitive tasks enjoyable as long as there is an end in sight. He recalls a story about underestimating a project and what he learned from it. Mikey shares that embracing those tasks is a goal for him when he gets to his new shop. They disagree on a task that they have all experienced.

In the final segment, Mikey reads the review of the week. He also gives an album and television series recommendation. Ed shares how he met the videographers for the Spotlight Series. Kyle finally sold an item that was taking up room in his shop. Ed took Mikey’s previous suggestion on a recommendation and they shout-out to some other makers who have a podcast.