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If You Build IT Podcast

Jun 19, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about the important subject of mental health and how it affects each of them. 

Full Show Notes:

In the first segment, Mikey describes two projects he worked on and what his timeline is for packing up his shop. He and Kyle talk about new tools that arrived this week. Kyle also updates us on his recent projects. Ed reports that his company is in the process of moving to a different location. He explains where they are moving and why they needed to move.

In the main segment, they all share their thoughts on mental health, the stigma that surrounds it, and how important it is to address it. Kyle details why he is usually doesn’t share his emotions outside his circle. Ed elaborates on how his view of mental health issues has changed. Mikey reveals how untreated mental health issues have affected his family. They discuss how society is getting better at recognizing and accepting mental health issues. Mikey encourages anyone who is looking for help to visit They expand on how important it is to talk to someone—even when it is not easy. The also debate what role social media plays in mental health and whether or not the rate of depression is rising or if it is just more recognized.

In the final segment, Ed is spending time with family and will be participating in a tournament. They debate whether fishing is luck or skill. Mikey had a visitor over the weekend and admits he had a run-in with ‘the cops’. Kyle questions a choice he and his wife made and why he needs to build a new building. Mikey reads the Review of the Week. Finally, he reminds us that if we need to talk to someone immediately, we can text HOME to 741741.