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If You Build IT Podcast

Jul 17, 2018

In this Episode, the guys catch us up on what they have been doing over the last few weeks and joke about their wife's roles when they get older.

In the first segment, Mikey explains what has kept him busy and recounts the adventure he had while moving down to Texas. He mentions where he will be traveling for work and how he is beating the Texas heat. They both talk about a guilty pleasure they occasionally indulge in. Kyle reports on the jobs he has been working on and details how he is coping with volatile markets and price increases from suppliers.  

In the main segment, Kyle and Mikey recognize how important it is to look ahead to the future and what things they are trying to plan for. Kyle reveals his real age, why he buys the equipment he does, and how his job affects him physically. He also talks about what he might do when he stops building post frames. Mikey, who recently had a birthday, admits what he is preparing for and how his age has caused him to focus on working harder. Both guys have a few words to say about their wives and, in jest, agree that maybe the roles should be reversed in a few years. Kyle confesses which age group he identified with for a long time and Mikey shares that he is looking forward to eventually announcing big news on the podcast.

In the final segment, Mikey gives a Netflix recommendation and what tangent he went on after watching it. Kyle expands on what effect he has found interesting. Kyle lets us know where he has been vacationing and what he is looking forward to doing on his youtube channel. Mikey reads the review of the month and shares what gadget he will be getting soon.