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If You Build IT Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

In this episode, Kyle, Edward, and Mikey have reunited and they talk about Hot Wheels, customer service, and warter burger.

In the first segment, Kyle reports on the status a new job that has been in the works for a few years. Ed announces that the move and transition into a larger location is complete and how something four months from now is affecting planning and logistics. Mikey describes projects he has been working on and tasks that he needs to accomplish. Mikey and Kyle quiz Ed to see if he has been listening to prior podcasts.

In the main segment, the guys discuss the importance of customer service and what it looks like to them. Kyle recounts an experience he had with an unhappy client before building post-frames. He describes how he feels when a previous customer calls after months or years of no contact. He reveals if he has a warranty and how word-of-mouth marketing and face-to-face contact are a large part of his business. Ed expands on why it is important to pick the right customer and set the right expectations. He explains their warranty, but how the company’s goals overrides it. Mikey asks if one customer can affect a reputation and both Kyle and Ed give examples of bad customers and how people who only look at the bad reviews are not ideal customers. Ed shares valuable lessons and insights he learned by answering support tickets for his company for two years. Mikey informs us why the company he works is elevating his and his co-workers positions and what the company’s core value.

In the last segment, Ed tells us about his vacation, Mikey narrates his thoughts while on a ride to the hospital, and Kyle lets us know about a purchase he made with his son.