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If You Build IT Podcast

Aug 14, 2018

In this episode, Ed and Mikey talk about Kyle and respond to questions that listeners have asked.


In the first segment, Ed hints that the shop has been working on developing new products and accessories. He also describes some of the industrial equipment that is in the shop and where they get it. Mikey updates us on the projects he has been working on and what tools he has been using. Ed asks Mikey to explain the difference between two types of joinery tools. Mikey confesses how he lacks reservation about certain tools he wants to own.


In the main segment, they answer questions from listeners. We find out how they would be affected if Instagram shut down. What would happen if they were stranded in the woods and what tool would they want if they were stranded on an island? Can Ed make fire? Have you ever wondered if Mikey is living the dream? What about lengths of ropes? They both let us know where they have been and Ed reveals one of the accessories they are working on and what their newly-acquired robot has been doing. What advice would they give to someone who wants to follow in their footprints? Kyle asks why he never promotes this. Wanting to start your own business? Mikey admits where he has fallen short with one of his avenues and Ed shares his first business venture. Finally, we find out how Mikey plans to show listeners his back tattoo.


In the final segment, Mikey reads the review of the week. He summarizes an inspiring video he watched on YouTube. Ed has been getting broken things fixed around the house and gives an Netflix suggestion that is not his normal type. He also describes why he regrets his recent tool purchase and gives a bonus recommendation.