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If You Build IT Podcast

Oct 2, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about competition and how it affects their businesses and lives. 

In the first segment, Kyle lets us know how his family’s days and weeks go around this time of the year and some upcoming plans for the fall. Ed shares some changes at work and some of the processes he goes through in order to secure vendors. Kyle expresses his frustration with an advertiser and with those who cold-call. Mikey discloses how he got the base of his current project to be level and how he might change his metalworking set-up. Kyle offers details regarding he and Greg’s working relationship.

In the main segment, Mikey fills us in on the newest debate that is occurring on social media and the guys discuss several viewpoints regarding it. They shift the conversation towards competition. Kyle compares competition in the career field and competition on social media. They deliberate on the numbers game and how people and businesses shoot for the highest numbers. Ed admits that being competitive all the time has its benefits and drawbacks. Mikey gives us a strategy to be competitive while still maintaining a community atmosphere. Kyle admits that follower count is the only statistic that is able to be gauged by others and why some are focused on it. Ed reveals how he used an open-source format when he started his company and how that can be abused. He also suggests an approach to those who are at the top of their game.

In the final segment, Mikey reads the review of the week. Ed tells us about a friendly competition, an outing with a friend, and what he created with his daughter. Kyle mentions prepping his property for less work in the spring. Mikey shares a shocking experience he had while working on a project for his house. Ed recommends a product and Mikey gives a netflix recommendation.