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If You Build IT Podcast

Oct 30, 2018

In the first segment, Ed tells us where he has been the last week and what he did while he was out of town. Kyle explains why he built a shed inside his shop and how it will help him further his main goal for social media. Mikey shares details about his different trips and why he wasn’t allowed to use his normal tech while he was at one of his meetings. He elaborates on a new idea for his next project. He also hints to the perks of supporting the If You Build It podcast on Patreon.

In the main segment, the guys discuss their perspectives on work-life balance. Mikey contrasts the corporate life in an office and what has changed now that he works from home. He also expands on how he has set boundaries regarding his second income. Kyle shares how he carves out time to spend with his family and what he thinks about the phrase ‘work-life balance’. He describes his solution for adding or removing things from his life. Ed confesses that he is regularly recognizing his shortcomings and struggles with balancing all of the different aspects of his life.

They transition into talking about technology and Ed offers information regarding his new phone and how he enjoyed being disconnected for a few days. Kyle lets us know what gear he is acquiring so he can continue to elevate his content. Mikey explains why he has been watching automotive videos and Kyle teases listeners with descriptions of some photos that he took recently.

In the final segment, Mikey reads some reviews they got over the last week. Ed has an announcement about a milestone he hit on Instagram and also informs us of an upcoming visit. Kyle talks about where he has been traveling and where he is going next. Mikey encourages listeners to access the aftershow on Patreon.