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If You Build IT Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

In this episode the guys discuss mentorship and their experience with it throughout their lives.

In the first segment, Mikey recognizes the new Patreon subscribers and how both he and Kyle appreciate being able to offset some of the costs of creating the podcast. He mentions a change he made to his outfeed table and how he helped his neighbor. He challenged himself to shoot, edit, and upload a video to YouTube and he reveals how much time it took him to do so. Kyle shares details regarding an interesting build he and his crew are working on and why it has allowed him to evaluate his processes. He recaps what it took for him to reach a major milestone on YouTube and what time-frame he has accomplished it. They then start elaborating on technology and how it is helping them increase their productivity and motivation.

In the main segment, they talk about mentorship. Kyle reveals who he considers is his mentor and then examines the role that other adults have had in his life during college. Mikey encourages Kyle to continue to share his experiences and attitude with others. Kyle describes how he has mentored those who work closely with him and what he sees his role as on social media. Mikey acknowledges how he has chosen his mentors over the years and elaborates on what impact a couple of his mentors have had in his life. He expands on his college life and how he hopes to mentor people in the future. They also agree on a requirement of any person who desires a mentor.

In the final segment, they discuss what they did over halloween and what their views are on scary movies. Kyle recounts a time in college that made him stop playing a video game. They unveil their most epic costume and some Halloween traditions. Mikey suggests a netflix series and announces how many downloads the podcast has reached.

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