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If You Build IT Podcast

Dec 3, 2018

In the first part of the podcast, Ed discloses how he strayed from his normal way of cooking his Thanksgiving turkey. Mikey tells us where he spent Thanksgiving and where he and his sister went for Black Friday. Kyle offers details on where he took his family and his feelings toward his truck’s fuel mileage. Mikey recaps a special event he got to go to while on a business trip and why it was special to him. He recognizes the new Patrons on Patreon. Ed explains where he was while out of town for business and what was memorable. He also shares how his company’s Black Friday preparation went and gives listeners a discount code toward cutters. Mikey expands on how the company he works for has coped with their busiest time of the year and what processes they use. Kyle details the details on his latest build and how people respond to that type of content. He updates us on how the Premier Feature on his Shop Tour video worked for him. Mikey reads the runner-up to the review of the week.

In the last part of the podcast, Mikey reveals what he has been doing on his new tablet. He discusses an app that he recently downloaded and what happened to something he uploaded on it. Ed elaborates on a project that he and his daughter worked on and why he is proud of her. Kyle fills us in on a weather event that put him and his crew behind at work and that he found a new tool he is researching and wants to buy. Mikey describes the renovation plans for one of the rooms in his house. Ed gives a recommendation for rowing. Kyle gives his recommendations for a home gym and the ideal way to take protein powder. Mikey reads the review of the week.

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