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If You Build IT Podcast

Sep 4, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about trying new things and how they attack them. Kyle thinks he looks like Hugh Jackman. Mikey knows he looks like Justin Timberlake. And Ed didn't say a word.

In the first segment, Kyle updates us on the status of his most recent and biggest build to-date and explains some of the processes that will be different on the next site. He fills us in on the content he has been uploading and a new series for his YouTube channel. Mikey announces a surprise for his YouTube channel subscribers, recalls his trip to Germany, and reveals a new sponsor in his shop. He also talks about a new skill he started learning after taking a leap, buying the necessary tools, and solving some wiring issues.

In the main segment, they start examining how fear can hinder the desire to try new things. Kyle shares how he is learning to get past his fears when it comes to adding different content to his YouTube channel and how he used a poorly-received video as an opportunity to pivot the series going forward. Mikey encouraged Kyle to not stray too far from what makes him happy. Kyle brings up other concerns that he has now that he is a content creator and how his accountant helps him make decisions. Mikey asks Kyle why he doesn’t have another crew working for him and Kyle admits why he hasn’t. Mikey explains the satisfaction he felt after he decided to learn a new skill.

In the last segment, Mikey reads the Review of the Week and raves about a gift he received from a maker and has a podcast recommendation. They both discuss another podcast of which Kyle was recently a guest. Kyle gives a movie recommendation and has people wondering if he moonlights as a boxer or a race car driver. Mikey acknowledges that he sometimes gets mistaken for a singer or an actor. Mikey also recommends content from YouTube—a craftsman and a video series.