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If You Build IT Podcast

Jan 22, 2019

In the first segment, Kyle updates us on the shop that they are in the process of building and what challenges he and his crew are working around. He also informs us of how social media has come full circle for his business. Mikey lets us know which tool from his shop that he sold and if he will be replacing it. He talks about a project that he wants to make next and what spurred him to make that decision. He discusses a new diet he is trying and what he has noticed. Kyle sympathizes and explains his struggles with diet and exercise, too. Mikey describes the experience he had on the Make or Break Shop podcast. Kyle talks about his invitation to go on the Acres of Timber podcast. They both discuss how the Instagram community is so much bigger than anyone realizes.

In the main segment, the guys reflect on what they were doing in the year 2009. Kyle discusses what he was doing for work, what he drove, and what life was like. Mikey describes what life lessons he learned while in college, what he remembered about living on his own, and what has changed since then.

They then transition into explaining features on youtube that prevent content creators from posting videos that could be encouraging others to hurt themselves and one of the ways creators can keep track of their content that is used without permission and what steps they can take to prevent it from happening or at least be compensated for their work.

In the last segment, Mikey questions if listeners remember how to leave a review on iTunes. He also shouts out to the two newest Patreon subscribers this week. Kyle talks about what he and his family did over the weekend and a neat feature on his wife’s vehicle that he recently learned about.

New since the last podcast:

Bill Keys

Jason Taylor

Along with:

Ethan Carter
Nick DeHart

Ed Ford
Darrell John

Trey Jones

Dan Kelley

Jarret Lambert

Junior Leiata'atimu

Alex Lutz

Tim Mills
John Mustard
Sandy Stumpenhorst
Total Tools Warners Bay

Ben Tubbs

Coya Williams

Andrew Yerkes