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If You Build IT Podcast

Dec 11, 2018

In the first segment, Mikey shouts out to the new patrons on Patreon. Mikey lets us know how his live woodworking demonstration exceeded his expectations in Houston. He also details expected attendance at  WorkBenchCon. Kyle reveals an embarrassing comment on Instagram that his phone autocorrected. He updates us on his newest series on YouTube and on which jobs he has been tying up loose ends. He also comments about what is different about his next job. He discusses the future possibilities for one of the buildings on his property. Mike explains details about an upcoming trip for work.

In the main segment, they answer questions from patrons on Patreon. They describe which channels they watch on a regular basis and why. For Kyle, he chose Jimmy Diresta and Peter McKinnon. We find out which of Kyle’s choices Mikey also chose and that he also enjoys Frank Howarth, Four Eyes Furniture, Third Coast Craftsman and The Wood Whisperer.

Trey asked if they could be any animal, what would they be? They both gave their own answers for what Ed would say. Kyle tells us about a dream he has had since he was a child and it also sparked a Christmas gift idea. Mikey guides us through some imagery exercises and they both recap their experiences with rapping. Mikey expands on why he chose which animal he did and then how the three of them would interact in an animated movie.

Tim asked for advice on how to get started and which mistakes or things they wish they would have known. Both Kyle and Mikey challenge listeners to do what they want and what they love as well as what they have learned along the way.

In the final segment, Mikey reads the review of the week. He updates us on his room project, equipment he is adding, and what he wants to make for the room. Kyle updates us on the gimble he talked about last week and a company that came out and showed him their product. They both mention which video games they are either playing or looking forward to playing.

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